Mentoring with Jojo Hogan

Let me help you to clarify your business vision, brainstorm challenges & build the business of your dreams.

I am absolutely delighted that you are interested in having me support you in your business as your mentor and coach.

Having owned and run my own businesses for over 25 years, I understand that sometimes the self-employed journey can be lonely and isolating. In my experience, it can really help to have someone walking the path alongside you to provide support, guidance, and expertise.

I will help you to get clear on understanding what makes you unique and explain how you can best share the value of what you do with your perfect client as well as ensure that you are gaining the best possible rewards for your training and expertise.

As your mentor, my role will be to be both a listening ear and a sounding board to help you to first articulate and then focus on and expand your hopes and dreams for your business as well as brainstorm some of the challenges you are facing.

I truly believe that the care and support of pregnant women, parents and new families can have a profound and long-lasting benefit, not only to their individual experience, but also to their families and wider communities.

This is why I am committed to helping businesses such as yours become successful and flourish. Because in this way we can change the world for the better - one new family at a time!

With love Jojo

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Quanisha McGruder @butterflyrosevillage

Working with Jojo gave me an amazing feeling of accomplishment, confidence and inspiration. Not only was I able to to create a structure as to what needs to be covered in my prenatal sessions but I’ve also put together a comprehensive postpartum program for my doula agency and feel much more confident bringing care to my clients. I really needed and benefitted from the chance not only to learn but also to talk about my business and to vent. Jojo encourages you to centre, to grow, to remember your values, to realise what you want to do and find out how to accomplish it.