Full Body Relaxation Exercise – 9 mins

Full Body Relaxation Exercise – 9 mins

Taking time out to relax and be still is so important in those busy first few weeks and months of mothering and parenthood.  We often don’t think we have the time but even just five or ten minutes of relaxation can make a big difference.  When we consciously relax and breathe, our nervous system is nourished and the stress hormones that build up from our busy life will be reduced giving us greater vitality, improving immune function and the quality of our sleep. We can then go back to our parenting tasks with more energy and peace of mind.

I created this short full-body relaxation exercise for those times when you just need a few minutes of stillness and to quieten a busy mind but maybe don’t have time for a full nap.

Ideally, do this exercise lying down in a comfortable position but you could also be seated, maybe even feeding or cuddling your baby.

I hope you enjoy!

With love

Jojo x




Jojo Hogan is an international postpartum doula and mentor and the founder of  Slow Postpartum – a movement that works to educate and empower society as to the importance of honouring the postpartum ‘sacred window’ and to care for mothers and babies worldwide.  To find out more or to work with Jojo to create your Slow Postpartum visit www.slowpostpartum.com.



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