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How to Support New Families to Plan a Peaceful & Positive Postpartum


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In this free master class you will learn all of my tips and tricks to creating a positive, peaceful and nurtured postpartum for the new families that you work with.

What we will cover:

  • Why having a detailed postpartum plan can make all the difference to the experience of new parents in the weeks following birth.
  • The three most essential things to cover when planning the postpartum weeks with a pregnant family.
  • How to incorporate love languages, parental values and village building into your postpartum plan.
  • What is the 'slow postpartum' philosophy and how can it transform the postpartum experience for new families.
  • How to use an 'online planning board' to share valuable resources with new parents.
  • Why offering a 'postpartum planning' service can add value to your postpartum support business.

Live Webinar Session has ended now.

I am so delighted to have you here!

Over the past twenty years, it has been my life’s work to care for, nurture and support mothers, babies and families.  With its foundations in the slow living philosophy, my Slow Postpartum Movement™  both educates and inspires as to the importance of the transformational weeks following birth.

Taking inspiration from traditional postpartum care practices from around the world, I encourage and educate the new families that I work with to slow down and value deep rest, rejuvenation, nutrition and dedicated support during this time.  

I am passionate about making a difference. I truly believe that pregnancy, birth and the first few months of parenthood are a time when all mothers & new parents deserve to be nurtured, supported and celebrated.  And when new babies, mothers and parents are born into a place of love, respect and care, this will in turn ripple out into families, communities and the world.  Changing it for the better.

I would love for you to join my slow postpartum revolution!

With love Jojo 

Live Webinar Session has ended now.