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Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage

Qualified in reflexology, aromatherapy and massage since 1995, for the past thirteen years I have specialised in caring for pregnant and postpartum mothers and their families.  In 2005 I founded the Bella Mama Pregnancy Spa & Wellness Centre, a centre dedicated to supporting, nurturing and celebrating you throughout this special time of your life.  Our treatments are completely safe, beneficial and deeply relaxing for you and your baby; a perfect opportunity to pause and consciously connect to the magic happening within you.

Following the birth of your baby, what better way to encourage optimal emotional and physical recovery from your incredible effort than a specialist post natal massage? Regardless of the way you birth, a soothing massage acknowledges and respects the hard work you have done to bring your baby earth side and gives you much needed time and space to heal, recover, relax and be cared for.

  • Specialist pregnancy massage — deep relaxation during your pregnancy benefits you and your baby as well as easing out pregnancy aches and pains allowing you to enjoy this special time of your life.
  • Postnatal massage with aromatic oils helping you heal and ease discomforts after giving birth.

“We were very blessed to have Jojo as our doula in the postpartum period. I think it was the best investment we could’ve made to ensure the best start for us as new parents. Jojo helped us prepare in late pregnancy and offered so much support and wisdom during the fourth trimester. Her massages were so healing and amazing, and I really looked forward to her weekly visits. But what I didn’t realise when we hired her was how much expertise and knowledge Jojo has in so many areas eg aromatherapy, baby massage, breastfeeding etc She always knew what to say to help us along and remain confident on our parenting journey. I strongly recommend Jojo if you want some loving non-judgmental support in the postpartum period. Every woman should have a Jojo!”    Tash, Jeremy and baby Scarlett.

pregnancy and postnatal massage auckland

Do you want the first weeks of your postpartum to be a time of peace and joy, rather than exhaustion and overwhelm?

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