Postpartum Doula Support

Are you worried that you don’t have enough support in the weeks and months following the birth of your baby?   Are you concerned about sleep deprivation, exhaustion, breastfeeding or family dynamics?   If so, I would love to support you and care for you while you do the important working of falling in love and nurturing your newborn.

My role as a postpartum maternal care specialist (doula) is to ‘mother the mother’ nurturing and supporting you with a range nourishing traditions.

“At 25 weeks pregnant we had the absolute pleasure of meeting Jojo Hogan via one of her workshops.  She instantly made a huge impression on us with her knowledge, enthusiasm and sparkle.  Jojo opened our eyes to all that lay ahead, beyond the pregnancy and labour and got us focused on what we wanted life to look like when our bubs was earthside.…. up to that point we had only concentrated on the labour and birth!  We hired Jojo as our Postpartum Doula and together we built our village with more support then we ever thought imaginable. Jojo always went the extra mile. I felt pampered, loved and nourished (through friendship and via her cooking talents). Jojo’s passion, enthusiasm and encouragement showed so effortlessly in all that she did for us….and ALWAYS with a big smile! We will be eternally grateful for attending Jojo’s workshop that day and for her being part of our journey. Jojo you made us feel so special, filling our house with smiles, our bodies with tender massages, stomachs full of tasty meals and you really did support us every step of the way. We wish you the best of everything on your special journey”   Amy, Peter and baby Gabi Joy x

Virtual Doula Online Mentoring & Support

I truly believe that everyone should have the ability to experience a postpartum time of peace, joy and comfort. But I also know that not everyone has easy access to this due to where they live and circumstances – it’s for this reason I have created my Slow Postpartum™ mentoring packages. Think of me as your virtual doula – from anywhere in the world you now have access to personalised care and support.



We can undertake our session together via phone, Zoom, Skype – all from the convenience and comfort of your own home.


To find out more about online Slow Postpartum Support Packages contact me by email.



Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Practicing yoga during this exciting time of your life is the ideal way to nurture your body as you care for your growing baby.


My fun, informative classes are a delicious fusion of prenatal yoga and birth education with a dash of beautiful belly dance thrown in!  You will learn …


  • Yoga postures and stretches to increase your flexibility, strength and stamina – preparing your body for birth and parenthood.


  • Breathing exercises to calm and centre the mind during your labour.


  • Relaxation and visualisation techniques that reduce tension and stress.


  • The skills necessary to make your pregnancy & birth a fulfilling and empowering experience!

“I started Jo’s pregnancy yoga classes when I was 17 wks pregnant with our first baby. These classes became quintessential to my pregnant self. Jojo’s knowledge on everything pregnancy related was so valuable. I loved being able to share my aches and pains with the other mums and benefit from the experience of others. These classes taught me so much more than yoga. They gave me confidence that my body was capable of the miracle of birth, I just had to learn to listen to it. Of course doing yoga till I was ready to give birth helped with my mobility and flexibility. Thank you so much Jo for your warmth and passion.”  Prachi Mittal

pregnancy massage workshop

Massage in Pregnancy & Birth Workshop

A fun, practical workshop for women and their birth partners, teaching you the techniques and benefits of massage during pregnancy and in the birth room as well as the important role that a support person can play in helping to create a positive and empowering birth experience.

During this workshop you will learn:

  • Why massage is an essential & much appreciated way to care for a pregnant woman & her baby
  • The 10 most effective and blissful massage strokes to soothe and relax her during pregnancy and labour
  • 5 important skills that a birth partner can use to play an active and supportive role in the birth process
  • How different massage techniques, positions and breathing can be used during labour to ease discomfort and increase relaxation.

“Thanks so much for the course on Saturday… Jared & I found it SO helpful and informative, we learnt so much more than we have at our antenatal classes! We both feel so much more confident going into the birth now. And yesterday Jared gave me a wonderful foot rub, for the first time in our 8 years together! It was worth coming for that alone!! I’ve been raving about it to pregnant friends & their hubbies so I’m sure you’ll get some more bookings. Thanks again.  Sarah & Jared

Six Secrets to a Slow Postpartum™ Workshop

Congratulations, your new baby is nearly here!

However, in saying that, the sad truth is that many new parents report the first few months with a newborn as exhausting, overwhelming and isolating.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Join me at a fun, informative workshop for pregnant mothers and couples and learn tools to navigate the first few weeks following the birth of your baby, replacing anxiety and stress with confidence, peace and joy.

You will learn…

More about the nourishing postpartum traditions practised worldwide to support and nurture a new mother while she cares for her baby.

The importance of Oxytocin, the hormone of love, bliss and bonding and how you can bring more of it into your life.

How to ‘build your ‘village’ ensuring you and your baby are surrounded by love, care and support.

Why your ‘postpartum’ plan is just, if not more important than your birth plan and the top five things that you must include to reduce stress and anxiety.

I look forward to helping you plan for this special time.

Please note that I am currently travelling in the UK and Europe and will be facilitating classes and workshops from here in 2019 and 2020.  

Do you want the first weeks of your postpartum to be a time of peace and joy, rather than exhaustion and overwhelm?

Then Download The Six Secrets to Slow Postpartum™