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The Six Secrets to a Slow Postpartum Workshop

Congratulations, your new baby is nearly here!

However, the sad truth is that many new parents report the first few months with a newborn as exhausting, overwhelming and isolating.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Join me at this fun and informative workshop for pregnant mothers and couples and learn tools to navigate the first few weeks following the birth of your baby, replacing anxiety and stress with confidence, peace and joy.

During this two-hour session, you will learn…

  • More about the nourishing postpartum traditions practised worldwide to support and nurture a new mother while she cares for her baby.
  • The importance of Oxytocin, the hormone of love, bliss and bonding and how you can bring more of it into your life.
  • How to ‘build your ‘village’ ensuring you and your baby are surrounded by love, care and support.
  • Why your ‘postpartum’ plan is just, if not more important than your birth plan and the top five things that you must include to reduce stress and anxiety.

I look forward to helping you plan for this special time.

Please note that I am currently travelling and residing in the UK and Europe and will be organising this workshop in various venues from here.  Make sure that you are on my mailing list and social media to be advised of upcoming dates.

My husband and I went to Jojo’s course, the Six Secrets of a Slow Postpartum. We then went to Jojo for a follow up session, furthering our ideas on what this would look like for our personal situation. We feel Jojo has certainly helped to set us up for success for both the birth and ‘fourth trimester’ for our first child. As she says, forewarned is forearmed. It was great to hear from Jojo about what the first 12 weeks after birth has to offer and ways to deal with the emotions and ups and downs it can bring with it. Thank you Jojo for passing on your wealth of knowledge. You have given us so much more confidence going into this special time of our lives. 
Kat and Tim Selfe

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“Thanks so much for the course on Saturday… Jared & I found it SO helpful and informative, we learnt so much more than we have at our antenatal classes! We both feel so much more confident going into the birth now. And yesterday Jared gave me a wonderful foot rub, for the first time in our 8 years together! It was worth coming for that alone!! I’ve been raving about it to pregnant friends & their hubbies so I’m sure you’ll get some more bookings. Thanks again.  Sarah & Jared”

Do you want the first weeks of your postpartum to be a time of peace and joy, rather than exhaustion and overwhelm?

Then Download The Six Secrets to a Slow Postpartum