Revealed: The Secret To A Slow & Joyful Postpartum

How New Mothers Are Rebelling Against The Norm and Enjoying  a Blissful Postpartum With Their New Baby

Typically those first few days with a newborn are filled with a roller-coaster of feelings and “congratulation” cards, visitors, calls and texts...

But what if, days later, despite having relished in the excitement of this highly anticipated moment, your joy gave way to feelings of anxiety, exhaustion and emotional overwhelm…

Unfortunately, for many new mothers, this will be their experience.

And it’s through no fault of their own...

"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. ... A mother is something absolutely new." — Osho

The reality is that a new mother often bears the weight of unrealistic expectations—especially the ones that she has put on herself.

And those expectations have been programmed early on...

The long running narrative from western society that your sole goal after the birth of your child is to 'bounce back' into your previous existence is built on a blatant lie.

The undeniable truth is this: following the birth of your baby, you will never again be the person you once were.

There is nothing to bounce back into. Life as you know it will be different. You will be forever changed.

The transition into motherhood and the 24/7 care of your newborn will challenge and transform you on every level...

And if you haven't prepared for this transition, your chance of having a smooth and peaceful postpartum is little to none. 

"I knew I was pregnant, 

but why didn't anyone tell me I was going to have a baby?"

Those First Weeks Are Said To Be The Happiest Time, So Why Are So Many Mothers Struggling?

Over 15 years of working with and caring for pregnant and new mothers I have seen the same patterns emerging time and time again.

Women spend a lot of time thinking about the birth of their baby but do not put the same care and consideration into planning the postpartum weeks. 

By not adequately preparing they are inevitably experiencing:

  • Exhaustion and acute sleep deprivation
  • Postpartum mood disorders including anxiety and depression
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • A breakdown in their relationship as both partners struggle with the transition into parenthood
  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Physical pain and discomfort
  • A lack of support and care from their community
  • Breastfeeding issues
overwhelmed new mother

But it needn't be this way...  

women and partners who invest time and energy into planning for their postpartum have a different story. They report feeling nurtured, nourished and supported as well as more confident, prepared and satisfied as parents. 

Why Haven't Pregnant Women Been Told This?

Unfortunately, most expectant mothers do not know of this fact — nor have they been warned! 

And while they've done all the right things, like spending countless hours researching their pregnancy symptoms, buying all the must haves, planning for their ideal birth and daydreaming of their new arrival, the most critical 'to-do' that will provide for an easier and more seamless transition into motherhood sadly remains unknown...

But for those women who do know, a more peaceful and joyful postpartum awaits them.

All it takes is an intentional dose of courage and a touch of rebellion...

"Sometimes asking for help is the most meaningful example of self-reliance" — Anon

Choosing The (Easier) Road Less Travelled

It takes courage and confidence to buck against the tide, to admit that not only should we NOT be 'doing it all' but also demand that others should be damn well doing it for us!

While the majority of new mothers will struggle through their postpartum, there is a big opportunity for those who see the sense in doing something different — in choosing an alternative way; a way that has been used by many other cultures for centuries.

All over the world and in virtually every indigenous culture there are systems in place focussed on the care and attention to a new mother after the birth of her baby. 

'The Golden Month' in China, 'The Sacred Window' in India, or 'La Cuarentena' in South America, each signifies a period of time (often 30 to 40 days) where the newborn mother is cared for, nurtured and nourished by her community so that she has the time and space to heal, recover and rejuvenate.

However, for those women who don't have access to these transformative traditions, there is still hope...

The Benefits Of The Slow Living Movement

All around the world people are seeing the benefits from living their lives more intentionally — by taking the time to slow down and live more mindfully.

It's about choosing to do and have less and making our lives more spacious and relaxed, so we can create the time to focus on the things that are truly important to us.

The Slow Living movement is the complete antithesis to our fast-paced world where quicker is always seen as better, multi-tasking the norm and there is a constant sense of pressure and expectation to get to some imaginary finish line first.

For new mothers, this way of living is detrimental to her physical and mental wellbeing.

And that is why Slow Postpartum™ was born.

  • Imagine feeling fully supported by your community so you can become the mother you truly want to be
  • Imagine feeling prepared and confident for what is to come
  • Imagine feeling a dreamy sense of ease and peace in the weeks and months following your baby's birth
  • Imagine feeling completely free not having to worry about anything or anyone — other than you and your newborn baby

It Really Is Possible To Enjoy 

a Slow and Peaceful Postpartum


The Slow Postpartum™ Course

Expertly Designed to Help You Create The Perfect Plan For a Slow and Magical PostpartumEven If Your Last Postpartum Wasn't Ideal or You've Never Experienced Postpartum Before!

An easy to follow online course that gives you everything you need to know and do, so you can step gently — and easily — into motherhood.

What's In The Course?

Each module has been expertly designed to move you from feeling overwhelmed to feeling prepared and confident for your upcoming postpartum


Lesson 1: Dreams and Vision

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. If you don't know what you want your postpartum to look like, how can you make it a reality? In this lesson we explore your own personal values and how these can help you to intentionally manifest the postpartum of your dreams.


Lesson 2: Challenges and Obstacles

Discover the process for how to plan for the biggest hurdles that can get in the way of an ideal postpartum, so you can avoid challenging circumstances like exhaustion, depletion, and relationship breakdowns. 


Lesson 3: Gathering Your Village

You've heard the saying 'it takes a village to raise a child' but most of us don't live in that village any more or perhaps we never have. Learn how you can plan for and harness the power of the concept of 'village care' so you can reap the benefits from it in your postpartum.


Lesson 4: Relationships & Family Dynamics

Learn the art of "baby proofing" your relationships, so you don't have to experience the difficulties and friction most couples will experience postpartum. We also focus on how to navigate potential problematic family dynamics that could undermine your confidence and impact your postpartum.


Lesson 5: All You Need is Love

Discover the little-known power in maximising your unique 'hormone cocktail' so you can ensure that you have what you need to ensure that you are able to fall deeply in love with our new baby and breastfeed successfully (if you choose to breastfeed).


Lesson 6: The Six Secrets of A Traditional Postpartum

In this lesson we explore the similarities of traditional care practiced in virtually every indigenous culture and how we can plan to bring some of the most beneficial practices into our own postpartum plan.


Lesson 7: Postpartum Bodycare & Recovery

Many women are left surprised and shocked by some of the physical changes that they had not anticipated or prepared for. In this lesson we will discuss how a little understanding and preparation can help you to reduce (or avoid entirely) some of the postpartum issues that many women suffer, so you can feel confident and at ease in your new body.


Lesson 8: The Journey to Matresence

Your journey throughout pregnancy, birth and into motherhood will likely be one of the most powerful and potent transformations of your life. In this lesson we explore and celebrate your personal 'Matresence' and the profound changes you will travail when you become a mother, so you can discover the life-changing and meaningful lessons it has to teach you.

But That's Not All...

After directly and indirectly working with over 10,000 pregnant and postpartum women, I've gathered a few extra resources that I know you'll love

Bonus 1: Slow Postpartum Recipes

A selection of my favourite recipes, created with specific postpartum guidelines to nourish you following birth.

Bonus 2: The Peaceful Mama Guided Meditation

The Peaceful Mama Guided Meditation has helped many of my mamas to deeply relax, restore and rejuvenate after the birth of their baby.

What Do Others Have To Say About Jojo

Kelly Maire

Postpartum Client

Total Focus On You Is NOT An Indulgence

"Jojo’s passion for caring for new Mums is so genuine and such a breath of fresh air when you need it... total focus on YOU is not an indulgence but a necessity in the often lonely and overwhelming postpartum experience. I can't recommend her highly enough!"

Natasha Garvan-Spicer

Postpartum Client

I Think It Was The Best Investment We Could’ve Made

"Jojo helped us prepare in late pregnancy and offered so much support and wisdom during the fourth trimester...I strongly recommend Jojo if you want some loving non-judgmental support in the postpartum period. Every woman should have a Jojo!"

Anna Trubuhovich

Postpartum Client

Where Do I Start With The Fabulous Jojo?

"We planned out what the first few weeks might look like and especially the relationships in our world which was important to us... I totally recommend Jojo to enhance your postpartum experience and get the best start to your child's life and yours as a parent."

​Hi, I'm
Jojo Hogan

I am so delighted to have you here! It is my life’s work to care for, nurture and support mothers, babies and families.

In 2005 I created the Bella Mama Pregnancy Spa & Wellness Centre in Auckland where, along with my team of committed and compassionate therapists, we cared for over 10,000 pregnant mothers and families throughout the special journey that was their pregnancies, births and transition into parenthood.

After running Bella Mama for 14 years, I made the choice to devote myself wholeheartedly to the one-on-one focussed care of my mamas. 

As a qualified and highly experienced postpartum maternal care specialist (doula), mentor and educator, I will share with you what you can easily do so you can create a truly joyful and slow postpartum!

More Praise...

Alissa Jade Wilson

Postpartum Client

I have so much love, admiration, respect and gratitude for Jojo

"My parenting journey was hugely influenced, encouraged and enlightened through Jojo and her wisdom. I have benefited hugely from meeting Jojo, not only from her wisdom and teachings, but from her warmth, love, support."

Cristen Poole

Postpartum Client

Jojo is so passionate about helping new mamas in the big but often overlooked fourth trimester

"Her nonjudgemental and loving advice and words throughout the Fourth Trimester were a welcome comfort. She has a lot of knowledge and experience to share."

Claire Haymon

Postpartum Client

This has been an investment I would recommend to all

"She has allayed my fears and anxieties from my first birth and left us with such an enormously positive experience that I cannot recommend her highly enough. With her encouragement, care and guidance I felt empowered in those first few weeks post birth."

"The great benefit of slowing down is reclaiming the time and tranquility to make meaningful connections--with people, with culture, with work, with nature, with our own bodies and minds"

— Carl Honore

Give Yourself Permission To Take It Slow

Are you ready to join a growing group of women who are choosing to adopt a Slow Postpartum™ so they can have a fulfilling and memorable start to motherhood?

Some of the benefits in choosing a Slow Postpartum™ will be...

  • Having a postpartum plan that makes you feel prepared and confident
  • Knowing how to access a 'village' to care for, love and support you throughout your postpartum journey
  • A postpartum 'sanctuary' that helps you to feel peaceful and serene
  • An easier and more comfortable recovery from pregnancy & birth
  • The wisdom and experience of a certified postpartum expert to support and guide you...

Get Started Today...

So you can finally relax into this pregnancy knowing a Slow Postpartum™ awaits you


Learn to plan the type of postpartum you'll wish you could re-live over and over again!



  • Lifetime Access to The Slow Postpartum™ Course
  • Immediate Access to The Slow Postpartum™ Course
  • Work At Your Own Pace
  • Exclusive Bonuses: Slow Postpartum™ Recipes, The Peaceful Mama Guided Meditation

*all prices in USD

Course + Personal Mentoring Session

For those who want one-to-one guidance in planning for their postpartum



  • One Private Mentoring Call With Jojo Hogan to Discuss Your Personal Slow Postpartum™ Vision
  • Exclusive Slow Postpartum™ Online Planning Board Including Resources, Recipes And More
  • Lifetime Access to The Slow Postpartum™ Course
  • Immediate Access to The Slow Postpartum™ Course

*all prices in USD

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