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About Jojo Hogan

Jojo Hogan – International Postpartum Doula & Mentor

I am so delighted to have you here!  Over the past 17 years, it has been my life’s work to care for, nurture and support mothers, babies and families.   In 2005 I created the Bella Mama Pregnancy Spa & Wellness Centre in Auckland, NZ where, along with my team of committed and compassionate therapists, we cared for over 10,000 pregnant mothers and families throughout the special journey that was their pregnancies, births and transition into motherhood.

My Story

After running Bella Mama for 15 years, I made the choice to devote myself wholeheartedly to the one on one focussed care of women and families.  I made this decision because, despite our world-class Western health system and the committed preparation that many women put in to ensure that they have happy, healthy pregnancies & births, I witnessed a large percentage of mothers and parents struggling and suffering in the postpartum weeks.

I am committed to making a difference. Not only in individual families with my dedicated postpartum care packages  and virtual online postpartum mentoring but also in my wider community and in the world by educating as to the importance of caring for and supporting pregnant and new mothers, partners and families. Thus Slow Postpartum was birthed into being. I am so grateful to have you here.

My Offerings

I would love to help you to ensure that the first few weeks after giving birth are a time of peace, joy and comfort. As a qualified postpartum doula, massage therapist, yoga teacher and aromatherapist I have a range of offerings to support you over this special and transformative time of your life – your childbirth year.

You may be a new mum needing support and a loving guide to navigate this unknown land.  Or perhaps you are a second or third (or 4th!) time mother who now knows the importance of gathering your village and wants to ensure you are cared for optimally so that you can enjoy the special first few weeks with your new baby.  Whatever your situation, I would love to share the wisdom of doing a ‘Slow Postpartum’ with you and support you on your journey.

I truly believe that when all mothers and babies are born into a place of peace, love and tender loving care, that this has on-going ripples into their families, communities and the world, thus changing it for the better.

Complimentary Clarity Session

I invite you and your partner to book a complimentary one-hour clarity session to discuss your postpartum goals and challenges and set a plan to ensure that the first few weeks following your birth are a time of peace, joy and comfort.  This can be conducted by phone or Skype/Zoom.

postpartum doula support auckland

Do you want the first weeks of your postpartum to be a time of peace and joy, rather than exhaustion and overwhelm?

Then Download The Six Secrets to a Slow Postpartum