The Slow Postpartum Kitchen E-Book The Slow Postpartum Kitchen E-Book

The Slow Postpartum Kitchen E-Book

Recipes & Meal Plans to Nurture and Nourish a New Mama in the Weeks Following Birth.


As a postpartum maternal care specialist, doula and nutrition coach, one of my favourite parts of caring for the new mothers and families that I work with is cooking and serving them delicious and sustaining food.

My 'Slow Postpartum' philosophy encourages new parents and families to view the weeks after birth as a time when they deserve to be nourished, nurtured, and supported so that they are more able to offer the same to their newborn baby.  When these support systems are put in place, they can begin their parenting journey from a place of being fully rested, energised and healed.

The meals that I love to cook often follow the 'slow food' guidelines in that they are lovingly prepared using local and natural ingredients, slowly and carefully cooked and densely nutritious.  Many follow traditional postpartum nutritional guidelines which are outlined in the book.  However I also believe that any meal cooked and served with care to a new parent will help to make them feel loved, nourished and supported.

After requests from both the new families that I work with as well as other doulas and birth professionals who care for postpartum families, I have consolidated some of the recipes and meal plans that I often use in my work to share with you.

In this book you will find

* The Slow Postpartum food guidelines for nourishing new parents and families.
* Shopping lists and meal plan ideas to prepare your pantry for the weeks after birth.
* Eight of my favourite recipes that I cook regularly for the families that I support.

I hope you gain inspiration from this e-book and would love to hear any feedback you might have.

With love

Jojo Hogan x

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 I would like to say a big thank you for The Slow Postpartum Kitchen E-book. I used the recipes today and brought the following to my client's postpartum visit: - Mom Muffins, New Mother's Dahl,  and we made the Moon Milk on our visit. We discussed how the mother felt, what was going on inside her, and it was incredibly beautiful. 

Anna Ružičková
Postpartum Doula

The Slow Postpartum Kitchen
by Jojo Hogan