Slow Postpartum : Creating a world where all mothers and babies are nurtured, supported and celebrated

While helping you to run a slow and sustainable business with confidence.

Slow Postpartum : Creating a world where all mothers and babies are nurtured, supported and celebrated

While helping you to run a slow and sustainable business with confidence.

Are you a doula or birth worker?

Would you like to know more about how to support your clients to have a Slow Postpartum?
You're interested in learning specialist skills such as postpartum planning, optimal healing, massage, nutrition, recipes, village building and negotiating different family dynamics?

Are you newly qualified?

Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed and
under-supported with all of the aspects of establishing and running a new business?
You're interested in knowing more about how to find and work with your ideal client and make a difference in the lives of new families.

Do you already run an established business?

Are you not as profitable as you would have hoped and looking for guidelines on how to differential yourself from your competition?  You would love to know how to hone your offerings so that you are only doing the work that makes your heart sing while also in increasing your income!

Picture this ...

You have a
unique plan

You have access to my unique nine-step Slow Postpartum plan that will allow you to fully and confidently support your clients from pregnancy onwards to plan for and create the slow postpartum of their dreams.

You have support

You enjoy the support and guidance of an experienced and successful doula and mentor to help to brainstorm your business challenges and celebrate your wins.

You have clarity

You have a clear idea on how to differentiate yourself from your competition, allowing you to be seen as the postpartum expert and to charge more for your offerings and stand out from the crowd.

You have tools

You know you have the tools necessary to move from overwhelmed and overworked to creating a sustainable and profitable business that feeds your soul (and your bank account).

You have specialist knowledge

You have expert knowledge of specialist postpartum subjects such as bodywork & healing, belly binding, essential oils, nutrition and recipes, village building and more.

You have wisdom

You have wisdom and insights in how to plan postpartum packages and support visits with your clients. You will know how to focus on your own 'special sauce' that makes you unique whilst at the same time being able to call yourself a 'slow postpartum professional' .

The Art of Slow Postpartum™ Mastermind Training

I would love to teach you my unique step-by-step plan so that you are able to share
the many benefits of a slow and supported postpartum with new families.

With me by your side as your 'business doula & guide' you can
move confidently towards your ideal business vision

Learn the Art of Slow Postpartum for Doulas and Birthworkers FREE Ebook

Why do we need Slow Postpartum?

All over the world people are seeing the benefits in their lives from intentionally taking the time to slow down and live more mindfully.
There is no more important time to encourage this than in your work with your pregnant & postpartum clients.  

A 'Slow Postpartum' encourages new mothers and parents to honour and respect the potent and transformational weeks after giving birth, by allowing them the time and space to rest deeply, restore, heal and rejuvenate. It’s about embracing centuries-old postpartum rituals that focus on caring for a new mother or parent in order to give them the time and space that they need and desire to bond, nurture and fall in love with their new baby.  

To do a ‘Slow Postpartum’ is to resist societal pressure to ‘bounce back’ immediately after giving birth, but instead  teaches the value of ‘snuggling in’ for a period of time in order to prioritise falling deeply in love, healing and recovery. This will have lifelong benefits, not only for the new parents that you work with but also for their children, family and society at large. 

During The Art of Slow Postpartum Mastermind Training, we will deep dive into all aspects of my unique slow parenting program as well as uncover how you can bring aspects of the slow movement into creating a business (and life!) that brings you happiness, abundance and satisfaction. We will look at marketing and business planning, how to value your unique offerings and expertise and how you can differentiate yourself from your competition. We will also cover all aspects of postpartum care from creating and marketing packages that sell, planning your postpartum visits, cooking in your client's home, which services to provide (and which to leave out!) plus more.

On completion of the training, you will have in-depth knowledge to help your clients create a postpartum filled with ease and bliss, through the lens of slow living, as well as the confidence to build a flourishing business that will work for you (rather than the other way around!)   

Learn the Six Secrets to a Slow Postpartum Mastermind Training in my Free Ebook

What's In The Art of Slow Postpartum Mastermind Training?

There are nine modules in the course plus a tenth follow up session.

Lesson 1: Be Intentional

In this lesson I help you to create a structure for planning a positive postpartum experience with your clients in pregnancy. We will explore tools that will allow you to get to know your ideal client's values and parenting philosophy and keep them on track to be guided by this important information.  We will also explore your ideal business vision and gain clarity on who your ideal client is and what you hope to have them achieve.

Lesson 2: Be Prepared

In this lesson we look at the many and varied challenges that our clients may face during the postpartum which may get in the way of them experiencing their ideal vision from the last lesson. We will explore how to coach them to be well prepared and resourced so that they feel confident to handle challenges as they arise. With your help and that of their support systems they have put in place , this will go a long way to making their experience more positive.

Lesson 3: Be Supported

You've heard the saying 'it takes a village to raise a child' but for many new families the right kind of support can be in short supply.  In this lesson we will learn the importance of 'village building' and how to maximise the amount of support that a family has in the postpartum weeks so that their postpartum is peaceful and harmonious and your job is easier and more fulfilling. .We will explore what makes a good 'village' and when help can be detrimental  as well as barriers to asking for help.  Do you have a 'village' to help you grow your business? If not, we will build that too!

Lesson 4: Be Connected

You will learn the skills to help your clients  to 'baby proof ' their relationships, so that they avoid the difficulties and friction that many couples will experience in the postpartum weeks. We will also cover how best to support new families to navigate other potential problematic family dynamics that could undermine their confidence and impact their postpartum experience.

Lesson 5: Be Loved

Discover the little-known power in maximising the unique 'hormone cocktail' of pregnancy, birth & postpartum so that you can ensure that the new families that you are working with have what they need to fall deeply in love with their new baby and breastfeed successfully (if choosing to breastfeed). You will learn why 'baby or mommy brain' is a blessing rather than a curse as well as practical 'oxytocin building' exercises to help surround your families in a bubble of love!

Lesson 6: Be Inspired

In this lesson we will be inspired by the secrets and similarities of traditional  postpartum care practiced in virtually every indigenous culture around the world. We will also learn how to share the many and varied benefits of these 'five foundations of postpartum care' with  the new families that we are supporting, integrating them into our business and work. 

Lesson 7: Be Healed

Many women and birthing people are left surprised and shocked by some of the physical changes that they had not anticipated or prepared for following pregnancy and birth. In this lesson we will discuss how a little understanding and preparation can help your clients to reduce (or avoid entirely) some of the postpartum healing issues that many suffer from, so that they can enjoy optimal healing and comfort in their new body.  I will also share my favourite natural healing remedies with you so that you can create your own herbal blends and products for your clients to support their healing journey.   

Lesson 8: Be Nourished

In this lesson we do a deep dive into the importance of nutrition in the postpartum weeks. You will learn how to plan and cook healthy and delicious meals for the families that you work with as well as give them information on why it’s important to eat certain foods and to avoid others over the postpartum period. You'll  come away with a list of ingredients, shopping lists, menu plans and recipes to support your clients to have a nourished postpartum and have the confidence to cook in their homes or yours.  If cooking isn't your jam or a service you provide, we'll discuss how you can support families to be optimally nourished by others in their community.

Lesson 9: Be Transformed

The journey throughout pregnancy, birth and into motherhood/parenthood will likely be one of the most powerful and potent transformations of your client's life. In this lesson we learn how to explore and celebrate the time known as 'Matresence' so that you are better able to guide and support new families through this time of profound change.  You will learn how your role can be intrinsic in gifting your client the wisdom to understand her own 'Matrescence' as you hold space for her new life to awaken.

Lesson 10: Conclusion 

In this final lesson we will have time to recap and absorb the first nine steps of the program as well drill down into how you can personalised your Slow Postpartum training to make it unique to your business.  We will look at your packages and offerings as well as clarifying your ideal client and how you might find them.  I will share with you my list of resources including a details Slow Postpartum Planning Trello Board that you will be able to utilise in your work so that you will feel organised and prepared.

The Art of Slow Postpartum Mastermind Training is a unique and personalised coaching program is designed to give you detailed and in-depth knowledge of the benefits and techniques of the 'slow postpartum™' philosophy so that you are confident not only in how to bring this work to the families that you care for but also to create a sustainable and purposeful business that serves your needs.

What my clients say about the experience with me

The Art of Slow Postpartum Mastermind training has been outstanding. It has been so fantastic to work with such an experienced birth and postpartum professional! Jojo’s mentorship, experience and the quality of her teaching and content,  along with her giving me bags of reassurance and care has given me the knowledge and the confidence to build my postpartum business from the foundations up.

Maeve Murray
Newborn Mothers - Ireland

Working with Jojo in the Art of Slow Postpartum Mastermind training gave me an amazing feeling of accomplishment, confidence and inspiration. Not only was I able to to create a structure as to what needs to be covered in my prenatal sessions but I’ve also put together a comprehensive postpartum program for my doula agency and feel much more confident bringing care to my clients. I really needed and benefitted from the chance not only to learn but also to talk about my business and to vent. I would say that if you are considering doing this training that it really pays heavily to have someone like Jojo there to process and to share because, as doulas we don’t have many places like that to centre ourselves. Jojo encourages you to centre, to grow, to remember your values, to realise what you want to do and find out how to accomplish it. In the past I’ve spent money on things just to get a course that I didn’t really use. This is a personalised program that allows you to truly accomplish the things that you want to. "

Quanisha McGruder @butterflyrosevillage

The Art of Slow Postpartum Mastermind Training™
Package includes

Ten personalised one on one coaching sessions with me where I will share with you each step of my unique Slow Postpartum program.

A series of introductory yoga and mindfulness practices including prenatal and postpartum yoga routines.

Time to talk about your business and how to incorporate the concepts of slow living into your life and work. We will brainstorm your challenges and set goals for you to achieve.

An online course platform including recordings of all lessons as well as PDF handouts and resources to outline my unique Slow Postpartum system that you can share with your clients.

Access and training on how to use Trello to create a unique Postpartum planning experience for your clients including all of my online resources.

Voice message and email support between our sessions.

By the end of our time together you will feel confident to share this important work with your clients as well as have a clear understanding of how best to support the families that you work with to enjoy a positive, peaceful and satisfying postpartum.


You are passionate about caring for new mothers and families and know that this important work can change the world for the better. 

You want to run a heart centred business that is also profitable and sustainable whilst making time for the important things in your life such as family and friends.  You want your business to work for you rather than the other way round.

You are interested in natural therapies, yoga and mindfulness and would like to know more about how to share the benefits of these with the families that you work with.

You would rather work one-on-one with an experienced mentor and guide so that you receive personalised attention that is relevant to your business and life.

You feel drawn to the concepts of slow living and would love to learn how to create and live a more intentional and mindful life.


You are happy with your current income and not quite ready to invest in your business growth. You don't currently have the time or inclination to make the changes necessary to move into the next stage of success.

You are more interested and happy caring for babies and doing the usual 'doula' jobs of housework, cleaning, childcare etc rather than focussing on the care of the mother and becoming known as a 'slow postpartum professional'.

You're not particularly interested in the philosophy of slow and sustainable living and would rather stick with the main-stream ways of doing things.  You don't see yourself wanting to move out of your comfort zone and explore new ways of living and thinking.

Hi, I'm Jojo Hogan

I am so delighted to have you here! It is my life’s work to care for, nurture
and support mothers, babies and families throughout their childbirth year.

In 2005 I created the Bella Mama Pregnancy Spa & Wellness Centre where, along with my team of committed and compassionate therapists, we cared for over 10,000 pregnant mothers and families throughout the special journey that was their pregnancies, births and transition into parenthood.After running Bella Mama for 14 years, I made the choice to devote myself wholeheartedly to the one-on-one focussed care of my mamas and the creation of the international Slow Postpartum Movement.  Since then I have trained and worked with doulas and birth-workers around the world teaching my Slow Postpartum method.

I truly believe that when all mothers, babies and new families are born into a place of love, respect and compassion, this in turn ripples out into their families, communities and the world.  Changing it for the better.  

I would love to share this special work with you and help your business flourish. Because then we can together make the world a better place for mothers, parents and families.

With love  Jojo x

Frequently Asked Questions

This training has ten lessons and is usually run over ten weekly sessions.  However this can be adjusted if necessary.

Upon enrolling in the course, you will be sent course login details to the email you used during checkout. These login details will enable you to log into the platform that contains this transformative content.

If you feel that the content outlined in the Art of Slow Postpartum Mastermind Training is not for you or you are not wanting to invest in the full program, we can still work together!

I offer individualised mentoring packages that provide you with personal access to me so you can create and discuss the vision for your business, as well as brainstorm your challenges.  You will also have access to your very own Slow Postpartum™ Business Planning Board on Trello.

You have lifetime access to the course materials.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email at: [email protected]

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